Tennis Program

We offer tennis instruction for all ages.
Lessons are offered based on age and ability. We offer 4 different youth lessons for children ranging in ages 3-16. Lessons are offered weekly with tournament play offered two or three days per week. A small fee is charged for tournament play for kids.

Adult tennis is offered between 7:00AM to 9:00AM and anytime from Noon to 8:00PM. We offer a few Mixed Doubles tournaments and some clinics throughout the season. See our calendar for dates of events. The tennis rules are listed below, and all tennis players must be GRBA Members.

Tennis Program

Tennis Court Rules

Thank you for your interest in playing tennis on our 4 courts at GRBA!

Tennis Court Summer hours 7 days a week: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm

Tennis courts are to be used for tennis only except when other activities are sanctioned by the GRBA Board.

Tennis shoes are required on the courts.

Parents are solely responsible for ensuring that their children adhere to the GRBA tennis rules.


Reserve Court Time and Cancellations

All tennis players must be a member of the Goose Rocks Beach Association (GRBA) prior to play. Membership allows full participation in all programs, events, use of tennis courts and is a prerequisite for both reserve tennis privileges and children’s morning tennis program. Family based dues are intended for one (1) family including their children up to age 26 and homeowners with visiting grandchildren. Adult children with families of their own are welcome to obtain a separate membership. You can become a member by clicking on the button below


You can sign up to reserve a court 2 days in advance on this link:

The courts are available for booking 2 days in advance on a first-come-first-serve basis except when courts are blocked off for the children’s tennis program and or scheduled adult tennis or sanctioned events by GRBA.

Upon arrival to the tennis court, and before you enter the court to play, each individual player must check in with the staff member who will be located on the front porch at the GRBA Community House before you play. Please leave courts neat and tidy after you finish playing.

Court cancellation must occur within 30 minutes prior to reservation time. A court is forfeited if not claimed within 10 minutes of reservation time.

Some court times will be blocked off for scheduled events and the children’s daily tennis program.


Guests and Eligibility

Members may bring a guest, but the same person may not be a guest for more than five times per month. The member must play with the guest or guests. A member may ask the Executive Director for permission for house guests to play without a member for a maximum of one week. Guests must be registered on the membership list, and members will be charged a fee of $10.00 per day for each guest, preferably paid before or at the time of play. Payment may be made online here.



Off Season Play

All players who use the court in the spring and fall must be members or a guest of a member.

Sign up is through our same link:

The courts will have combination lock on the gates and the combination will be given to all members upon request.

Please do not jump over the fence. If you are a member and need the combination lock, please send a request to Coach at:

Tennis Program