Our facility at 19 Community House Road is available for rent! 
Due to Covid 19 all rentals of the Community House for 2021 will be obligated to comply with ALL of the State of Maine’s Covid 19 Prevention Checklist Industry Guidance. This will be a multilayered approach to help Maine community organizations, such as ours to operate safely. We will send the link to the current rules and regulations as part of the rental package.

A fee of $500.00 will be charged payable at the time of application approval. In addition, a $175.00 cleaning fee will be due prior to the scheduled date of the building rental. The Board of Directors of the Goose Rocks Beach Association reserves the right to deny any application that they believe is not in the best interest of the Association. Any renters and/or caterers using the facility will be asked to provide evidence of general liability insurance, including liquor liability when needed and workmen’s compensation. In addition, the Goose Rocks Beach Association, P.O. Box 140 Kennebunkport, Maine 04046 will be named as an additional insured on the caterer’s policy for the duration of the event.

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