About Us

The Goose Rocks Beach Association (GRBA) was founded in 1946 by a caring group of individuals wishing to ensure the water safety of their neighbors, friends, and visitors to Goose Rocks Beach . In the spirit of that tradition, the organization incorporated as a non-profit civic association and has since served to promote and enhance the quality of life for children and families at Goose Rocks Beach.

The GRBA provides a variety of summer recreational and social programs for children & families.

The GRBA has provided countless summer memories and cultivated many friendships for families and friends at Goose Rocks Beach.

The infamous Ramanascho Hall serves as the association’s community “clubhouse” that is surrounded by first-rate tennis courts, a basketball court, children’s playground and well-manicured grounds. In addition to its excellent facilities, the GRBA boasts a seasoned and professional summer staff that provides enjoyable recreational and social programs for children and adults alike.